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The Tools for Transformation

by Jerriann J. Taber Ph.D

Book 1 is a prerequsite to Book 2

225 pages; Perfect bound; go to amazon.com to order

The Rapid Healing Technique is a revolutionary healing technique that removes fears, hurts, pain, anger and traumas. It is simple and works on all levels of Body - Mind - Spirit.

About the Book



The Rapid Healing Technique (RHT) is a very simple and easy healing technique that anyone can learn regardless of age. It is non invasive in its approach because it is energy work. All that is needed is will and self-motivation.

The Rapid Healing Technique is beneficial for those interested in the mind/body/spirit aspects of spirituality as well as those in healing arts, such as, therapists, counselors, phychotherapists and those who do body work. The Rapid Healing Technique is easy, simple and very quickly learned. The basics can be learned in one workshop or it can be learned entirely from the book. With a little practice anyone can learn to communicate with his/her Higher Self with confidence. As a person works with his/her own healing, he/she can also be a healer of others with this technique, if he/she is inclined in that direction.

This is for anyone who has a desire to heal and remove old hurts, fears, traumas, frustration, anger, pain and fear of pain. Parents can help themselves as well as help and teach their children to do the same. The Rapid Healing Technique revolutionizes how these issues can be dealt with in the future. As long as we live on a planet of free choice and duality, the Rapid Healing Technique will be invaluable in healing. You can heal known hurt, pain and fears (emotions) as they come up or you can heal the cause of physical problems, unknown hurt, pain and fears, (symptoms), and remove them.

While in the process of using the Rapid Healing Technique, your intuition improves and becomes keener and sharper.

The Rapid Healing Technique works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. The Rapid Healing Technique book teaches how to get in touch with one's feelings, deal with them and heal them. A complete understanding of how the human energetic system is presented explaining how and why the Rapid Healing Technique works in conjunction with brain functioning (right and left brain). 

Also presented is the effect of healing on the cellular level, the healthy cell versus the diseased cell; the effects of stress, trauma, and fear over a long period of time on the energetic system and the physical body. Information is given on the cause of all these conditions on a deep level and a way to remove and heal them. 

The Rapid Healing Technique heals present and past lives and other dimensions. If you do not believe in past lives, it works anyway. Use it for your soul's discernment in whatever framework fits your belief.

It clears the chakras and meridians of the energetic system of energy blocks and the negativity associated with them. It removes karmic energy patterns that are blocking creativity, success, happiness, joy, love and peace. It clears the cellular level of many lifetimes as well as genetic memory, which goes back seven generations. It clears belief systems that do not serve us.

The Rapid Healing Technique shows how enlightenment can be achieved through gender and the energy system. It teaches how to find the lover within, to have union with self and/or another. Exercises are given in concise order to that end.

The last chapter, Journey Into Light gives four spiritual principles that if followed will bring mastery over self. The dimensions (3rd, 4th and 5th) are discussed along with their meanings. The understanding of polarities and the principle of twelve are addressed as well as advanced clearing techniques.

The Rapid Healing Technique is a spiritual journey no matter what a person's religion might be. We are all on a spiritual path of some kind or we would not be on this planet. The Rapid Healing Technique is for anyone who wants to enhance his or her life.

The tools for transformation and ascension are presented here for a person's discernment and to use for the soul's best interest. One can merely begin a spiritual path or can complete one, depending on the evolution of the soul in this earth school.

The Rapid Healing Technique will speed the therapy process. Therapists will find this simple method a wonderful addition to their current specialty. If one is inclined in the healing arts, this technique evolves one to be able to heal others as well.


Jerriann J. Taber Ph.D.

About the Author

Jerriann J. Taber Ph.D. has been in the healing arts since 1971. She is owner/director of the Vision Training Institute near San Diego, Ca., teaching the Bates Method of Vision Training. She is a teacher, healer, hypnotherapist and an ordained minister. Her Ph.D. is in psychology. She is a multifaceted therapist. Her innovation and creativity with divine inspiration led to the development of the Rapid Healing Technique.




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